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[漫画] DC的神奇女性历史延期到明年出版了

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DC的神奇女性历史延期到明年9月28日出版了,而且名字也改成wonderful women of history了,本来很直球就叫wonder women of history。这本的重点是有石正丽。

"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: New Voice of the Nation," written by Lilliam Rivera and drawn by Anastasia Longoria

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Dissent," written by Lilah Sturges and drawn by Devaki Neogi

"Elizabeth Warren: Nevertheless, She Persisted," written and drawn by Renae De Liz

"Rashida Tlaib: As American as Kenefeh," written and drawn by Marguerite Dabaie

"Teara Fraser: Helping Others Soar," written by Traci Sorell and drawn by Natasha Donovan

"Beyoncé," (title not final), written by Mikki Kendall and drawn A. D'Amico

"Mari Copeny," (title not final), written by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich and drawn by Sharee Miller

"Edith Windsor: How One Woman's Love Changed a Nation," written by Amanda Deibert and drawn by Cat Staggs

"Marsha P. Johnson: The Beauty of a Brick," written by Jadzia Axelrod and drawn and colored by Michaela Washington

"Emma Gonzalez: Never Again," written by Kami Garcia and drawn by Igzell

"Judith Heumann: How to Ignite a Spark," written by Marieke Nijkamp and drawn by Ashanti Fortson

"Ellen Ochoa," (title not final), written by Cecil Castellucci and drawn by Carina Guevara

"Shi Zhengli: The Real-Life Bat-Woman Working to Save the World," written by Emily X.R. Pan and drawn by Wendy Xu

"Serena Williams: Super Serena--G.O.A.T.," written by Danielle Paige and drawn by Brittney Williams

"Tig Notaro: Women Are Funny," written by Sara Farizan and drawn by Nicole Goux

"Keiko Agena," (title not final), written by Sarah Kuhn and drawn by Lynn Yoshii

"Dominique Dawes: Awesome Dawesome," written by Danny Lore and drawn by Robyn Smith

"Janelle Monae: (Android with) Electric Guitar Dreams," written by Vita Ayala, and drawn by O'NeillJones

This title also includes pinups by Weshoyot Alvitre, Colleen Doran, Agnes Garbowska, Bex Glendining, Ashley A. Woods, and Safiya Zerrougui.


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