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Steam 客户端在逐渐完善 HDR 截图的支持

RT,从去年十月的某个版本开始,Steam 在 HDR 游戏下终于支持将 HDR 截图正确转换为 SDR 了(大概是因为 Steam Deck OLED 支持 HDR 的缘故,懒鬼 V 社)。

之前只要是 HDR 下截图,图片感觉像是被冲洗过一样,一片泛白:


而最新测试版的 Steam 客户端中,我们还可以选择保留 AVIF 格式的 HDR 截图(消息源),相比微软 GameBar 保存 JXR 格式一张截图动不动几十兆,AVIF 一张截图就一兆多点,**减少了文件的体积。同时 Steam 的覆盖层在 HDR 模式下终于不是一片辣眼睛了:

The Steam Client Beta has been updated with the following changes:

Fixed misc. regressions in the screenshot manager
Added support for saving uncompressed HDR screenshots as AVIF
Fixed wide game images sometimes failing to load
Fix custom logo positions sometimes not applying on app details pages

Big Picture Mode
Fixed transparency and blur on header and play bar
Fixed graph height on downloads page

Corrected Steam overlay colors when games have HDR enabled

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